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Trainers: Making it through winter indoors!

If fat-bikes are not your thing or the harsh Iowa winter has you looking for other options, a trainer could be a perfect fit for you! Here at World of Bikes we stock CycleOps Trainers to keep you and your bike active during these tough months.

Cyclops Magneto Trainer
Simple, small, and easy to set up!


Cycle-Ops carries a large variety of products to meet your indoor cycling
needs.  We specifically stock the Fluid2 and the Magento.  Here’s the run
down on these two trainers:

The Magneto uses magnetic resistance to give you a wide resistance range. As you increase your pedal speed the resistance will increase, so your effort and speed will increase on a natural curve. You can also simply shift gears as you would outside for a more realistic ride quality. The Fluid2 uses a fluid resistance to give you an improved road-like feel. The fluid in this trainer will make for a quieter trainer and will also implement PowerTuned Technology. This technology allows your wheel to accelerate and decelerate on an infinite resistance curve, just like it does outside. This will give you a more realistic speed feel, instead of just power. Both of these trainers are backed by CycleOps lifetime warranty and will keep you rolling through the winter!



Setting up a trainer only requires a few extra accessories, some of which are included with the trainers. A trainer skewer will replace the rear skewer on your bike of choice. This will create a stronger bond because it fits into the trainer properly. A climbing block will be needed to raise the front wheel to the same level as the rear, creating a platform for the bike to rest on. Once you have these two important pieces, the trainer and bike can be joined! CycleOp’s video below is one of the best online resources. We can also help you set up the trainer here at World of Bikes for extra hands-on practice!

After you get rolling there are some other simple pieces of equipment that can make your indoor work-out go by a little smoother. The combination of the Giant G-Thang and Giant Training Mat will allow you to easily set-up your trainer in any room of your house. Carpet will be no problem with the Training Mat, and the G-Thang will protect your bike and house from sweat. A trainer specific tire is also a nice piece.  Your trainer will generate a lot of friction that will wear down a normal tire. Upgrading to an indoor specific tire will prevent you from ruining a perfectly nice tire! We also carry DVDs from Carmichael Training Systems to help plan sessions and keep your training competitive!

The G-Thang and Training mat in action.

Right now is a great time to start building up your base miles for the spring and summer months, and the trainer will make it that much easier to get your next level. A trainer starter kit is pictured below, a climbing block is also included just not pictured. If you purchase this kit, a $425 value, it will be 15% off!

Trainer starter kit!
15% off all this plus a climbing block!