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Banjo Brothers Bags!


Banjo Brothers offers a wide selection of durable and affordable bags for the discerning load-toter. If you need to schlep your gear from camp to camp on an epic tour, or simply get groceries home from the store, Banjo Brothers and World of Bikes have you covered. Need to carry a change of clothes? Some tools? A six-pack? All of the above? Grab an expanding rack-top bag and go to town. While you’re there, stock up on necessities and haul ’em back home with a set of market panniers. Then when the weekend rolls around, pack away your camping gear in some of Banjo Brothers waterproof offerings and go face the elements with confidence and cash left over. We’ve chosen Banjo Brothers bags to bear the WoB logo, and with unbeatable prices and everyday-ride toughness and simplicity it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. Check out the following list for prices, and stop in soon to grab the bag that’s right for you.


Rack top bag – $35.00
Rack top bag (expanding) – $45.00
Market pannier (WoB logo) – $45.00
Market pannier (no logo) – $50.00
Grocery pannier – $40.00
Waterproof pannier – $49.99
Seat bag (WoB logo) – $18.00
Saddle trunk bag (waterproof) – $50.00