Sergia is like Super Mario hyped up on Sriracha.  She’s always moving, always full of energy, and has that pizazz that motivates the kid in all of us to get off our asses and onto our bikes and traverse uncharted terrain!



Jens began his life shortly after the Big Bang, existing as a being of pure energy until 1910 when he spontaneously materialized in a lonely Brazilian fishing village as a fully grown man on a bicycle.  After years of failed attempts to enter the world of professional basket weaving, he attempted to get a job at World of Bikes in 1964 only to discover that it would be ten years before the shop was to open for the first time.  Jens decided to enter hibernation until 1974, but the Norwegian cave he chose as his resting place froze over, and he was forced to spend several decades digging himself out with a piece of sharpened elk bone.   In the late winter of 2016 he finally emerged, and after an eventful trip across the Atlantic in the belly of a rusted-out smuggling brig, finally began work as a salesperson at World of Bikes.



Harper Beasley breathes mostly air.  She was given the nickname “Jackrabbit Jane” after a misadventure involving the British Prime Minister, a 6 gallon aquarium full of brine shrimp, and the French national horse-racing track.  Following her extradition and the confiscation of the remaining shrimp, she moved back to Iowa and took up professional tree shaving.  Unfortunately the tree-shaving industry collapsed during the “Great Shave” of 2015, and she was forced into engineering.  She is now a bicycle racer and engineer who we coerced into working at World of Bikes by dangling a carbon dropper post in front of her.




Your first impression of Jason was probably correct – he IS actually just a beard riding a person-shaped vehicle.