Bikes are in my blood. My dad owned a bike shop in Cedar Falls when I was younger. Most of my childhood was spent following my older brothers lead. He taught me the basics and we got creative with whatever we could drag home. My basement growing up was literally a bike shop.

Nowadays the passion has only gotten stronger. I always want to take things apart and see what makes them tick. One great thing about my job is the direct customer feedback, you can come to me with a problem or big project and it’s always fun and rewarding to give back something that exceeds the expectations.

Most of my bicycle riding consists of commuting to and from work, which is around 7 miles. I also enjoy riding at our local trails, Sugar Bottom. This hidden gem of the Midwest is an essential part of the Iowa City bike culture. If I had to pick one bike to ride it would be my Handsome Cycles Speedy Devil. It is the most reliable and versatile out of my fleet.
This is the start of my seventh year at WOB. Ryan is an excellent boss. Working for a local business to always a plus! A simple burger, beer and bike ride really make me a happy man!