I grew up in Council Bluffs, IA with a love of dirt bikes. An interest that has put me at the top of the podium, and also face down in the dirt.  I also remember riding my first bicycle, hitting every lip I could find to get my tires off the ground.  I moved to this side of the state to finish high school at Mid-Prairie, where I played a variety of sports.  It wasn’t until getting to college in Iowa City that I really picked up cycling.  My roommate and I had some basic gear (and bikes) and started riding at Sugar Bottom & Beverly Park. I was hooked, to this day these are still a couple of my favorite places to ride.   Soon, I was traveling around the state following the IMBCS schedule to test my skills.   I have really picked up on road biking over the years,  always trying to make a couple days of Ragbrai on my Trek 1.2.  I transitioned from World of Bikes customer to World of Bikes staff over the winter and have really enjoyed Ryan and the crew.

My wife Jenny and I live in Kalona, where I work on our family farm.  Most weekends I can be found on two wheels- whether it’s my Farley fat bike, Trek Fuel EX, or on group rides around our beautiful country side, you can bet I’m having a blast.