Born in New Haven, Connecticut on June 18, 1989. Raised in Davenport, Iowa, and currently residing in Iowa City, Iowa. I moved to Iowa City in a last minute effort to further my path as an athlete rowing on the crew team. Two years down that path I realized college athletics were not for me and I started searching for a new goal, a new passion.

My car died midway through that college career which left me with only a bicycle to get around town. Fast forward four years and I still have no car, but I have four bicycles instead! My fleet consists of one Super-Mega-Awesome 15 year old Trek MultiTrak Townie for getting around town, an extremely heavy single-speed mountain bike, at least one fat-bike at all times, and a Salsa Warbird for crushing gravel.

Within those four years I have continued down that athletic path and am proud to represent Salsa Cycles as an ultra-endurance cyclist. I have tackled TransIowa, Dirty Kanza 200, and countless gravel centuries over the years. Every ride is a new challenge, but with the support of Salsa Cycles, World of Bikes, and the Iowa City Cycling community I can conquer anything I put my mind to! In return I give back to my community by organizing ladies-only rides and clinics!

Other than bicycles I am always excited about new foods, fun music, and exploring new places(usually on a bike). Feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback at!