October Employee Bike Feature

Bryan Wenzel‘s Cyclocross Superbike

First thing’s first – what are we looking at here?
  This black cyclocross machine is a 2015 Trek Boone 9. Nothing on this bike is stock, it was a custom build from the start.
– 40t front chainring, 11-32 cassette
Zipp 30 Course tubeless wheels with Clement MXP Tires
– Avid BB7 Disc Brakes
SupaCaz Bartape – super durable and tacky
Describe this bike in six words or less.

Big. Compliant. Fast…hopefully.

What initially drew you to this bike?

After starting my cyclocross racing career on a steel surly cross check and being successful with plenty of 3rd places I moved onto an aluminum cyclocross bike for a year or so. When Trek announced their new carbon cyclocross super bike in 2014 I had to have it! 3 years later I am still racing on this carbon steed and grabbing the occasional race win and loads of 3rd place finishes- it’s kind of my thing.

So besides adding to your box of bronze medals, what kind of use do you get out of this ride?
This is my primary cyclocross racing bike. This bike is only used from August to December each year for cyclocross racing and the occasional gravel ride. I try to keep this bike and all of its components in tip top shape so they preform perfectly on race day. I have another Boone that I train on that is set up nearly identical to this one so when race day comes up I am familiar with how the bike rides and feels.




You mentioned that the bike was a custom build from the get-go – which of the components you used in the build do you consider most valuable?
The SRAM Force CX1 drive train is the heart behind this bike. Not having to worry about a front derailleur and dropped chains offers peace of mind when riding through mud, sand, or shouldering the bike up a steep hill. I go back and forth between a 40 and 42 tooth chain ring depending on the race and the conditions.
The Zipp 30 Course wheels are the true all-star of this bike. These wheels are a bit wider than most other wheels on the market which allows me to run even lower tire pressures for better handling on tricky corners. Normally during races I usually run tire pressures ranging from 24-28psi, I wouldn’t feel confident riding at these tire pressures if I were to be using inner tubes, too much risk pinching the tube and getting a flat!

What’s your favorite memory (so far) of riding this bicycle?
My favoite memory on this bike was winning the 2016 Iowa State Cyclocross State Championship!

Very cool – anything else you’d like to mention about the bike before we wrap things up?
The isospeed decoupler saves my back during 60 minute races on varieties of terrain. Having a frame that is compliant yet stiff and responsive is all I ask for in a cyclocross super bike!
Thanks Bryan!  Good luck to you and the Boone in all your future races.  

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