November Employee Bike Feature

Josh’s High-tech Road Machine

We got Josh and his fancy new road bike to slow down enough to chat with us this month – not an easy task, for reasons you’ll see in a moment.

First thing’s first – what bike is this?

A Trek Emonda SL7.


Describe this bike in six words or less.

Fast, comfortable, fun fun fun.

Why did you choose this bike?

I chose this bike because I felt it was a really good value, but more importantly it just checked all my boxes and made me want it.

Checked your boxes, huh?  So… what do you do with those checked boxes?

This is my road bike, anytime I’m on pavement this is it – but ideally I’d like to get back to racing.

What are the most exciting aspects of this bike for you, and what what do you consider most valuable?

I’m pretty tech-minded, and the Di2 really lets me indulge my inner bike geek; so of course I had to add sprint shifters and a climbing shifter.  I can change gears from any hand position on the bike.  The new R8050 also let me program my Di2 to synchro shift – no more worrying about having to shift the front derailleur, the internal computer does it all for me, I just tell it up or down.  I also added the Duotrap integrated sensor and Garmin to keep track of all my metrics.  But by far most important change I made was replacing the seat with a Prologo Scratch CPC – touch points and being comfortable are the most important part of any bike.


What’s your favorite memory (so far) of riding this bicycle?

Any/every time I ride it.

*cough*cop-out answer *cough* — Achem, excuse me.  And is there anything else you’d like to share about your experiences with this bike?

It’s the best bike I’ve ever owned, and that’s saying quite a lot.

Thanks a lot for chatting with us Josh, hope you and your new compu… I mean new bicycle are back to racing in short order!  We can always use more riders to heckle.  Join us next month for the next installation of the World of Bikes Monthly Employee Bike Feature!

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