Mechanics Corner: Winter Fat-Bike Fixing Kit!

Our mechanic, Drew Boss, is a four time veteran of Triple D and is a serious year round commuter. He has honed his winter riding kit over the years and was gracious enough to share it with us! He is riding a carbon Salsa Beargrease this year and will be using a set of fully studded 45NRTH Dillinger tires for Triple D. He likes to be safer than sorry and on the ground!

(This kit is fat-bike specific only because of the tube, it can be modified to work with any bike.)

Fat Bike Repair Kit Boss Style:
Revelate Bag – Pika


The bag holds all of my tools and some extra clothes. It also acts as a fender when things get sloppy!

Next up is my fat-bike tube, Leyzne High Volume Pump, Banjo Brothers wallet, and various things packed into a small plastic baggy. The pump is used as a backup to my CO2 should that fail. The Banjo Brothers wallet holds loose parts and keep the tube safe from metal bits.


My fast fixing flat part of my kit is one Pedro’s tire lever and one 20 gram CO2 cartridge and small elbow to deliver the CO2!


Inside of the Banjo Brothers Wallet is some more of my kit. The tubeless valve has a removable core and matches what is on my bike now. The chain tool and master link are to fix my chain in case it breaks, I need to make sure that the match the chain that is on my bike too! The pliers come in handy working on valves, cores, and to remove chain master links if needed. The allen keys can be substituted for the multitool. The hydro disc pad spacer is used when taking off the front wheel for travel. The zip ties are just in case! They can fix a lot more than it seems!


Always familiarize yourself with these tools and parts. How to use them properly is just as important as having them available!

All of these tools are available here at the shop. Stop in any time to check them out and outfit your bikes for winter and the rest of the year!

Also Triple D is one of our favorite Iowa fat-bike races. It is coming up on Sunday, January 17th, and features a 62 mile long course and a poker run during the race if you like a little more fun with your fat-bike and less racing!

The I AM FAT fat-bike enduro is also coming up at the end of this month. This is a 3-hour race for fun that you can do either solo or with a team of two others! It is located at Terry Trueblood Park on Sunday, January 31st!

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