February Staff Bike Feature

This month we’re gonna treat you to something truly special – the Boss Man™ himself, Mr. Ryan Baker, is showing off his literally one-of-a-kind klunker!  And yes, those are 36 inch wheels, try not to stare.
First thing’s first – what bike is this?
Black Sheep 36’r Klunker
Describe this bike in six words or less.
REALLY big kids BMX bike!
What made you choose this bike?
It’s one of those bikes you see on the interwebs and say “Wow, that’s cool!”, then you see one in person and it goes on the want list. After years of being patient (not easy for me), I worked with James at Black Sheep and got it ordered.
What do you use this bike for?
Mainly for cruising around town, but I have taken it on single track and it is a lot of fun!
What aftermarket modifications have you made to this bike, and which one do you consider most valuable?
Well, this bike is pretty much all aftermarket! The Black Sheep handlebars were the final piece to the klunker puzzle.
*child for scale
*child for scale
What’s your favorite memory (so far) of riding this bicycle?
The first ride! This is a one of a kind bike. Little things like paint and parts that no one else will have. The most fun (so far) was at the Go CR Friday night ride. Put ~25 miles of singletrack, path and pavement on with a bunch of REALLY fun people!
Anything else you’d like to share about your experiences with this bike?

Yea, this bike is a little (a lot) ridiculous but it’s mine! It’s something you can’t buy off the shelf. It’s a  process, a creation, personal expression, fun, a head turner, and a conversation starter that not many people will understand. Not every bike needs to be “normal”, this one is certainly not!36(1)

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