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It’s Time to Ride Fat(ish)

tiredDo you have trouble finding a tire size that fits you just right?  Maybe you’ve found your mountain bike a bit skinny for your needs, but a four-inch tire is just too fat.  Well fret no more!  World of Bikes is proud to carry a selection of bikes sporting plus-sized tires that’ll fit your riding style perfectly.  With more tire comes more traction and stability, but who says you have to sacrifice playfulness to get it?  These bikes are both nimble and ready to take on literally any terrain you can throw at them.  Come on in and take a spin on the Advocate Hayduke (a trail-crushing steel-machine), the full-squish Salsa Ponyrustler, or the playful Trek Stache.

Welcome to the new World of Bikes website!

We are very excited to unveil a new look and site that will really reflect what we are doing here at W.O.B. With this site we want to be able to connect to our customers on a more personal level. While the physical space of our shop may be small we are hoping to spread the W.O.B love online and become a hub of for the Iowa City Cycling Community to share information. There will be tremendous updates to our calendar of events, our newsletter, and our blog, so keep an eye out there! Please take the time to peruse the new site and let us know if you have any questions, comment, or bits of proofreading advice and you can send those inquiries to