Only the Brightest and the Best! Bicycle Lights for every rider!!

Be Seen! Ride with lights!


Ahhh the joy of fall… beautiful leaves, perfectly crisp temperatures, and of course daylight savings time. While the fall and winter months can be some of the most enjoyable times to get out on your bike it can also be dangerous. With the sun going down much earlier it can be really easy to get stuck riding in the dark. This is not only dangerous, but you can actually be ticketed for it, as it is illegal in Iowa. According to law 321.397 cyclists are required to have a white headlight and taillight or red reflector from sunset to sunrise or when conditions reduce visibility, and these lights must be visible from 300′ away. Here at the shop we have several great options for both front and rear lights to help make sure you are being safe and seen while riding in low light. These are just some of our favorites…

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